Are there any sexual positions that aren’t safe during pregnancy?

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Not really. A baby will tolerate a lot more than we think.

You’ll notice that babies like rocking, rhythmic movement. But they don’t like to be in one position for a while. When they’re awake and kicking and moving, they will beat you up a bit if you’re in an uncomfortable position for them. It’s a soft thing in the first trimester, because they’re not big enough for it to be too noticeable. Later, they may give you a good whack in the ribs.

The best position for the baby is you on your left side, but you can’t spend your entire pregnancy on your left side.

You can try to position yourself on your hands and knees, and babies do tolerate periods on the back and right side.

If you’re on your stomach, in general the baby can take some pressure from your body. But babies don’t always like your weight on them. If you feel uncomfortable, they probably do, too, especially with the pressure on the uterus.

Just don’t stay all in one position during sex. If you can tell the baby wants to reposition, listen to your body and your baby.

Amy Edman, MD, family medicine doctor specializing in OB
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