De-feeting hunger in our community

New Green Team at Woodwinds Health Campus recycles shoes and feeds the needy

Boxes of donated shoes

The Green Team at Woodwinds Health Campus in Woodbury is a band of environmentally conscious individuals looking for community-wide efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle. That’s why they partnered with Good in the Hood’s Shoe Away Hunger program and took on shoe recycling. 

Members of the Green Team decorated and distributed collection boxes across 15 departments at Woodwinds and encouraged co-workers to donate gently used shoes. 

“Woodwinds staff were able to have a friendly department competition while giving back to the local community and reducing waste in landfills,” says nurse Shannon Bierbrauer, team co-chair. “The shoes collected will help provide footwear to those who cannot afford new shoes, and the money from those sales will help feed the people who are food-insecure.”

The shoes are sold at affordable prices by Good in the Hood volunteers. One pair of donated shoes buys seven days' worth of essential groceries for a person in need.  The Woodwinds Green Team collected a total of 297 pairs. Thanks to their hard work, 297 Twin Cities residents will be helped. 

“To be able to give back in so many ways with one event doesn't happen very often. I couldn't have done this without all the members on the Woodwinds Green Team coming together,” Shannon says. “The dedication and passion of the members was evident, as we collected the shoes during a snowstorm.”

The Green Team had their first meeting in October and have been looking for other ways to expand earth-friendly and sustainable practices throughout Woodwinds.

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