How much sleep should I get when I’m pregnant?

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Pregnant woman sleeping
Women who are already getting eight hours might need up to 10 while they’re pregnant.

But some women are getting less time in bed leading up to their pregnancy, averaging six to seven hours instead of the normal eight. Those women may be busier with work and family. To them, I recommend getting a full eight hours if you can and a short nap in the day.

Either way, an extra hour or two is often necessary, especially in the first trimester.

Don’t scrimp on sleep, for sure. Your body needs to make more blood for the baby, and your heart needs to pump harder to circulate that blood to the baby. You’re sending calories to the baby.

Luckily, your body is also making more of a hormone called progesterone that can make you drowsy. So if you listen to your body, and sleep when you’re tired, you’ll probably get enough sleep.

It’s not possible to sleep too much in early pregnancy. If you find yourself sleeping more than 12 hours a day, probably nothing’s wrong. But try to get up and get some exercise and good nutrition to feed your energy.

Kathleen Abrahamson, MD, family medicine provider specializing in OB
Fairview Clinics – Princeton

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