Are the cheaper home pregnancy tests just as good as the more expensive ones?

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Woman checking pregnancy test
After you conceive, your body starts making a hormone called HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. It first shows up in your blood, and all the home pregnancy tests detect that hormone once it shows up in your urine.

The cheaper tests may require a bit more of the hormone. But if you wait till at least a day after you would normally have gotten your period, you’ll be making more of that hormone and any test is then more likely to be accurate.

Some women prefer the cheaper tests, so they don’t feel like they’re wasting money if they test often. Some women like the more expensive tests if they’re easier to read or have features like a progress bar to watch while you’re waiting or a signal to indicate the test malfunctioned.

But overall, there’s not a lot of difference.

Jessica Torres, certified nurse-midwife
Fairview Center for Women – Edina

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