Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital celebrates 100th anniversary

In 1918, it was built for $50,000.

100 Year GICH

Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital threw a picnic to celebrate 100 years of caring for the Grand Rapids area and to honor the people that make it exceptional: staff, volunteers, and retirees. 

“This event was a mix of celebration and a big thank you,” says Michael Youso, Grand Itasca President. “We honored our history and celebrated our present.”

Grand Itasca traces its roots to citizens recognizing the need for an adequate hospital to serve the booming mill town and surrounding logging camps. The Sisters of St. Benedict had run a makeshift hospital, but it closed in 1912. 

That prompted Itasca County to become the first in Minnesota to start a hospital with public funds. 

Built for $50,000, Itasca Memorial Hospital opened its doors in August 1918 with 20 beds, a superintendent, two nurses, a cook, a janitor, and a maid. 

As the community grew, so did the hospital. Part of Fairview since 2017, Grand Itasca today is an integrated clinic, pharmacy, and hospital with more than 100 beds. It offers services ranging from surgery to mammograms to sports medicine and is home to more than 650 employees and 65 providers.

Continuing to grow, Grand Itasca added a $4.1 million Cancer and Infusion Center this year. 

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