Save money on 50+ health conditions

Help your employees stay healthy and save money at the same time.

What if your employees had an easier way to see a doctor when they feel sick? What if you could help stop a bug from spreading, before it keeps an entire department home for a week? What if parents could get care for a sick child without taking the afternoon off?

What if you could save on health care costs in the process? 

It’s possible.

OnCare is a service that provides online diagnosis and treatment for more than 50 common illnesses in less than an hour for a flat, low rate. All care is provided by local Fairview medical professionals. 

Organizations with Minnesota-based employees can now use OnCare for Employers as a cost-effective way to help maintain good health in the workplace. OnCare for Employers can be added to your employee benefits package at any time during the year. 

The advantages of virtual care

For typical illnesses and ailments, studies show that virtual care is just as effective as seeing a doctor in person and comes at a much lower cost than a visit to a clinic or urgent care. People can use it 24/7 from home or from their phone during their lunch break. They can even get a prescription.

As a cheaper and more convenient option, OnCare takes away common excuses people might have for fighting through an illness and not seeking care when they feel sick. This way, you can help catch and treat a problem before it turns into a sick day, 

On top of that, our research shows OnCare for Employers can help companies save on health costs. When we looked at the five illnesses most frequently treated via OnCare (upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, eye conditions like pink eye, yeast infections, and ear problems), employer costs were 70 percent lower compared to other forms of care. 

How OnCare for Employers works

  • You pay a small monthly fee per employee.
  • You get a dedicated OnCare portal where your employees can go to access OnCare visits with expert Fairview providers.
  • Each employee and their family members get unlimited OnCare visits at no cost to them, reducing any financial barriers they might face when deciding whether to seek care. They get care on their terms, at a time that works for them, without having to rearrange work or family schedules for appointments.
  • You save on health care costs while helping your employees stay healthy. Healthy employees are more engaged and productive at work, with lower rates of absenteeism due to illness or appointments. 

How it works with HSAs

If you have employees enrolled in insurance plans with a Health Savings Account (HSA), this type of plan requires them to pay for health services that aren’t preventive. So employees with HSAs need to pay to use OnCare. Does OnCare for Employers still make sense in this case? Absolutely. 

These employees can still use your customized portal for OnCare, at no extra cost to you. 

Employees who have an HSA have a high annual deductible. If they haven’t met their deductible, they may be reluctant to seek care. With a low fee of $45, OnCare gives employees the most attractive, cost-effective way of getting treated. The $45 can be billed to insurance, applied toward their deductible, and paid for with their HSA money. 

To learn more about OnCare for Employers and how we can partner with your organization, request a consultation. 

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