Is there any exercise I should stop doing now that I’m pregnant?

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What I tell most moms at the beginning of pregnancy is that anything you could do before getting pregnant, you can keep doing – with a couple of exceptions.

If you’re doing hot yoga, it’s not safe for a developing baby to be in those hot temperatures. Yoga in pregnancy is great, but stop doing hot yoga. It’s almost like sitting in a steam room, and I wouldn’t want to expose babies to those extremes. It could cause problems with their development in the womb.

There’s not a specific number of minutes that would be safe to be in that hot yoga environment. You just want to do everything you can to make sure your baby’s healthy.

The one other thing you may want to slow down on or cut out altogether would be heavy weightlifting. It’s in general safe to continue weightlifting if you did that before getting pregnant. But there’s a hormone called relaxin that increases dramatically in your body when you’re pregnant. It loosens up the muscles in your legs and hips, which can make you unsteady and more prone to injury.

Other than those two things, don’t be afraid to keep going to the gym, taking that fitness class, working out at home.

I recommend exercising right up till you have the baby. Staying active is a great way to be ready for birth.

Lillian Medhus

Lillian Medhus, certified nurse-midwife 
Fairview Clinics – Burnsville

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