When should I go to the doctor after getting pregnant?

Our experts answer your pregnancy questions.

I love that newly expecting moms can turn to so many experienced moms online. One thing you may see people saying is that you can wait up to 12 weeks after getting pregnant to go to the clinic.

I always tell people there’s no need to wait. Book an appointment right away. Your first visit will help you determine how far along you are, whether you have a high-risk pregnancy and what kind of provider would be best for your prenatal care.

For example, you can choose a family medicine doctor like me who specializes in maternity or an OB-GYN. Certified nurse-midwives are another great option for women who aren’t expected to have many complications.    

If you’re a first-time mom, this is also an excellent time to get expert advice on all the things you can do to have a successful pregnancy: like what medications to avoid, what not to eat and what kind of exercise is OK.   

It’s only natural to have a million questions, and we’re happy to answer them for you.  

Robin Fischer, MD, family medicine provider specializing in OB, Fairview Clinics – Princeton 

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