Will I gain weight right away after getting pregnant?

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No need to rush out and buy a lot of maternity clothes right away, unless you’ve been dying to go shopping!

Most first-time moms don’t see an appreciable amount of weight gain until closer to 20 weeks. Second-time moms may see weight gain a little earlier, because they may not have as many issues with nausea and vomiting – or at least have more experience coping with it.

If you think about early pregnancy, at around 12 weeks of gestation the baby is about the size of a plum and isn’t growing very quickly. They’re developing their organ systems, so you do need extra calories, but not enough for another full-sized human being.

That’s usually an extra 300 calories. You could get that from a couple of extra glasses of milk and two snacks that have good carbs, like whole-wheat crackers. Maybe some cheese or peanut butter, because they give you extra protein and extra calcium. We also recommend extra iron, so a handful of raisins or a leafy green salad would be good.

If you find you’re gaining an appreciable amount of weight before 20 weeks, we may need to look at some changes. Once some moms get past morning sickness and start feeling better, they might overindulge just because it feels to so good to eat again!

Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson, certified nurse-midwife
Fairview Clinics – Burnsville
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