What medications do I have to stop taking after I get pregnant?

Our experts answer your pregnancy questions.

Some prescription and over-the-counter drugs shouldn’t be taken at all, and for others, we have to make some choices about what’s compatible with your pregnancy.

No. 1, we have to address any history of high blood pressure. If you’re on an ACE inhibitor like Lisinopril that’s used very commonly by people who have high blood pressure, we know those medications are not healthy for the baby. They may affect blood flow to the baby, which may restrict the baby’s growth. There are safer choices during pregnancy.  

For antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, we try to find the appropriate medication in that class of medications that might be safe during pregnancy. Every patient is different, and you may have taken a long time to find the right dose of the right one for you. Some are better than others during pregnancy; it’s not a cut-and-dried thing.

We should know about any narcotics you may have been prescribed for pain, like Vicodin or Percocet. We urge women to get off those right away. You can’t use NSAIDs like Advil, Aleve, and Naprosyn because they can cause an increased risk of bleeding from the placenta. Aspirin we do not recommend. About your only option for pain is Tylenol. 

There are some cold medicines we don’t recommend, like Sudafed. Antihistamines for seasonal allergy symptoms, in general they are safe. 

Those are just some of the medications to know about. I encourage any woman who is thinking about getting pregnant to have a pre-pregnancy consultation to talk about medications. If you think you’re already pregnant, get in to see us right away. 

Americo Fraboni, MD, family medicine provider specializing in OB
Fairview Clinics – Princeton
Fairview Clinics – Zimmerman 

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