What are my chances of getting acne while I’m pregnant?

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You can blame hormones for many of the early pregnancy symptoms, and acne is one of them. Your body is producing a lot more androgen all of a sudden, which makes your skin produce more oil and that clogs your pores.

Women who see a bit of a breakout before their periods may be more prone to breaking out during pregnancy, for the same reason. But it’s true that women who never had acne can get it for the first time when they’re pregnant.

It’s most likely to start at about six weeks. You might see just small red bumps or deep pimples like you had in high school showing up your face, your chest or back.

If acne hasn’t bothered you in your first trimester, you’re probably one of the lucky ones. Enjoy that pregnancy glow!

Most of the time women have issues with their skin at the beginning, and then it’s fine the rest of their pregnancy.

Liz Rowland, certified nurse-midwife
Fairview Clinics – Bloomington, Oxboro
Fairview Center for Women – Edina 

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