You Have a Great Fairview Provider. Did You Know You Can Visit Them Online?

Do your next "appointment" from the comfort of your computer

With your busy life and the craziness of Minnesota weather, sometimes it's just hard to get into the clinic. So Fairview Clinics offer you the choice of conducting a visit with your own provider online through MyChart.  
E-visits are a good option for minor ailments that crop up or ongoing issues such as back pain or high blood pressure. 
“My patients are able to connect with me for conditions like a suspected sinus infection or a urinary tract infection," says Don Lee, MD, at Fairview Clinics – Highland Park. "Knowing them and their medical histories, I’m able to provide consistent care at a lower cost than an in-clinic visit and at their convenience.” 
For a flat fee of $35, which is covered by many insurance plans, you can log in to your MyChart account from your computer and request “E-visit” from the online care options.  After completing a questionnaire, you’ll get a response from your provider within one business day with a diagnosis, advice, prescription or request for more information. If you need a faster response, please call your clinic or go to a Fairview urgent care.
E-visits are also great after an in-person visit.
“I’m doing a lot of follow-up with my patients with anxiety or depression,” says Dr. Lee. “We can try to do an E-visit on almost anything. If we can’t manage the problem through the E-visit, we will have people come in and there is no charge for the E-visit.”

If you don’t have a Fairview MyChart account yet, call our MyChart help line at 855-513-5513 now or sign up at your next appointment.

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