Letting the Energy Flow

Fairview now offers Qigong classes to help people with chronic diseases find peace and balance.

Managing a chronic disease can be an emotional and physical burden—one we're hoping to make a little lighter through the ancient practice of Qigong.

Known as “needleless acupuncture,” Qigong uses specific postures and movements to circulate the flow of “chi,” or life energy, throughout the body. Participants imagine their hands gathering clouds or lifting up the sky as they move gently yet intentionally through each pose.

We're now offering Qigong classes at the Fairview Achievement Center in St. Paul, which primarily serves patients with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, ALS and other neurological issues. For these patients in particular, bringing their energy flow back into balance may help ease some of the stress and fear that go hand-in-hand with battling a chronic illness.

“Many people start to feel more peaceful, energized, positive and hopeful through Qigong,” says Christie Lovlie, the certified instructor leading Fairview’s classes. “My intention and hope is always to help people to feel better physically and emotionally.”

Qigong can also be a source of strength, providing patients with a much-needed sense of control over their bodies.

“I show people movements and techniques they can do at home,” says Christie, who has practiced Qigong for 21 years. “That can be empowering, because they have something they can start doing on their own to take charge of their health.”

Fairview's Qigong classes are free, and you don't need to be a Fairview patient. To register, contact Darcy Hager-Slavin or call 612-672-2847. For more information about Qigong and to see upcoming dates, click here.

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