Fairview Midwives Expand Into North Metro

Fairview and HealthEast already have the largest midwife practice in the Twin Cities.

Certified nurse midwife Jennifer Ramsey knows that, like most good relationships, the ones between her and her patients are built on trust.

Patients trust her with some of the most intimate aspects of their health; she trusts them to make decisions that work for their bodies, families and lives. 

“Midwifery is first and foremost about caring for women,” says Jennifer. “We see ourselves as partnering with women by actively listening, providing information and supporting them.”

Certified nurse midwives are registered nurses with advanced education who offer holistic care to women at all stages of life.

Fairview and HealthEast already have the largest midwife practice in the Twin Cities. Beginning this month, they're expanding to Fairview Clinics – Columbia Heights

Jennifer and fellow certified nurse midwife Molly Lehmann are accepting new patients now. They can do annual exams, tests such as pap smears, contraceptive counseling and menopause care, as well as help you before, during and after having a baby.

Bring the family, too

The midwives make the Columbia Heights clinic more of a one-stop-shop. 

“Now, families will be able to come for their prenatal visits right there in their own community,” says Jennifer. “And if their children or other family members need to be seen for another reason,  they can schedule those appointments as well.”

Making women’s busy lives a little easier is just another piece of respecting and acknowledging their needs.

“We believe our patients place a sacred trust with us when they chose us as their care provider,” says Jennifer. “We promise to honor that trust.”

Schedule your midwife appointment today

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Learn more about Fairview's midwives and where their services are available. 

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