New home medical showrooms opening in the East Metro

To pick up supplies or equipment, you’ll have convenient locations in Maplewood and Woodbury

If you're used to driving to St. Paul for your home medical needs or trying to make do with what you can find at a drug store, now you can get your supplies and professional help at Fairview’s new home medical showroom in Maplewood.

It has everything from breast pumps, CPAP supplies, and compression garments to oxygen, braces, walkers, and lift chairs.

The showroom is staffed by certified specialists who are trained on all our equipment, so they can help you make the right choices. They’re knowledgeable about what items are covered by insurance, including Medicare plans. They can even arrange home delivery and set-up and teach you how to use your equipment and supplies, so you get the most benefit.

More locations in the East Metro

With one location already in St. Paul, the Fairview Home Medical Showroom in Maplewood is the second in the East Metro.

“Opening at our HealthEast Clinic and Specialty Center in Maplewood gives our patients easy access to the supplies they need,” says Caralie Roisum, Fairview Home Medical Equipment Manager. “Patients can go right from any clinic in the center to the showroom in the same building.”

The same will be true for patients of the HealthEast clinic in Woodbury when another showroom opens in January on the Woodwinds Health Campus. But all shoppers are welcome; you don’t have to be a Fairview or HealthEast patient.

More options and more help

Fairview Home Medical showrooms offer some distinct advantages over shopping elsewhere.

For example, if you usually buy your compression garments at a local drug store, you may be limited by the sizes they stock. Our experts can help you find the perfect fit and even custom order for you.

And if your equipment ever needs repair in the future, we can take care of that, too.

If you've never used a home medical showroom before, our employees are happy to answer your questions and help you choose what’s right for you. You can drop by Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or make an appointment if you prefer.

Browse our catalog or call651-683-7020 for more information.

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