Fairview Southdale Hospital helps local families have a happier holiday

They’re proud to call themselves a Hennepin County Giving Partner

Southdale Holiday Giving Partners

Thirty departments at Fairview Southdale Hospital have done a whole lot of shopping and wrapping to help families in need this season.

Stacy Johnson, one of the hospital’s social workers, is the force behind filling a huge room with presents that Hennepin County social workers will deliver to their clients.

In October, Stacy starts sending out emails about the Giving Partner program and leaders make sure to spread the word at staff meetings. For every Fairview Southdale department or individual that signs up, Hennepin County sends a description of a family, their wish list, and a few details like their age and favorite color. 

“This year we have a lot of families in shelters and a homeless family that just got a house,” Stacy says. “They need things like sheets and pots and pans.”

One family in particular stood out for Stacy this year: “Mom will be united with her child after being in prison since her birth. The baby is 1. This donation will help the family make this holiday season really special. Mom and daughter can be together and create ever-lasting memories. The donation will mean a lot to them for their very first Christmas.”

Mom’s wish list included clothes, Target or Walmart gift cards, parenting books, nursery rhyme books, and winter gear. For the baby, she asked for dolls, learning toys, clothes, and winter gear. 

“Most of our families this year asked for winter coats and boots – what we take for granted,” Stacy says. “For a lot of these folks, they need basic necessities.” 

That’s why the Fairview Southdale Medical Staff Office also donates a $100 Cub Foods card to each family, so they can buy groceries.

“I’ve been doing this for nine years, but the hospital has been doing it well before I was involved,” Stacy says. “It’s part of the Fairview mission to support the local community.”

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