Why a midwife was right for me

Angela was looking for someone who’d support her decisions and trust her instincts during labor.

Certified Nurse Midwife and patient

During pregnancy, a mom’s to-do list can be daunting: What color should the nursery be, what car seat should I buy, who should I use for child care ... but first: who’ll deliver my baby?

When Angela Vogel was pregnant with baby No. 2, the choice was easy.

“As an RN, I’ve spent most of my career in labor and delivery, and that’s when I discovered my love and appreciation for midwives,” Angela says. "Many midwives have previous nursing experience in labor and delivery, bringing so much knowledge to the table."

Like a family practitioner or an OB-GYN, certified nurse-midwives provide prenatal care and deliver babies, but they take a holistic approach — caring for patients' social, emotional, and cultural needs as well as physical.

Midwives are also present for the entire labor process. That mattered to Angela.

And the best part: Midwife care was now available in Angela's neighborhood in the Burnsville area.

“I was really excited when Fairview Ridges Hospital integrated midwives, and it's only five minutes from my home.”

Meet the midwives

Throughout Angela's pregnancy, she saw several midwives for her prenatal visits. 

“I really liked the fact that I was able to meet the entire team. When I went into labor, the midwife that was on call was familiar with me and my pregnancy,” Angela recalls.

All soon-to-be-moms are invited to a Meet the Midwives event to learn about what midwives do, ask questions, and get a tour of The Birthplace at our hospitals.

“When you go into labor and you see that familiar face, it really puts everyone at ease,” says Mary Johnson, lead nurse-midwife at the Fairview Clinic in Burnsville. "Our patients can see one midwife during their prenatal visits or they can see our entire team — the choice is up to them."

Supporting a woman's decisions

A big part of Mary’s role is to educate patients, so they can make decisions during delivery that are best for them and their baby — all within the confines of safety.

Angela’s plan for the birth of her baby was simple: just follow her instincts at the moment.

“Mary supported my input, my decisions, and allowed me to trust my instincts,” Angela recalls. “There was a point in my labor that she suggested that we try to induce labor. I told Mary that I wanted to wait, and sure enough, my water broke all on its own.”

"Mary listened to me, and that was so important."

But there was another moment when Angela was happy she listened to Mary. 

"When my baby was starting to crown, Mary encouraged me to touch the top of her head to show me how much progress I'd made. Then she asked with the final push if I'd like to pull her out."

"Without hesitation, I pulled my beautiful daughter to my chest. It was so empowering, and it was because of Mary's coaching and guidance."

Is a midwife right for you? To learn more, meet our team at fairview.org/midwives or call 855-FAIRVIEW to make an appointment.

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