What is breast pain like after you get pregnant?

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April 2018 Blog; Breasts
For a lot of women, breast pain is not as bad as they expect. Your breasts may feel sore or full, like you’re going to have your period. 

It’s most common in the earliest weeks of pregnancy. For some women it’s the first sign they’ve gotten pregnant, even before a pregnancy test can tell. 

You can usually look forward to breast tenderness decreasing after the first trimester. But it could come back off and on throughout your pregnancy. 

What’s happening is that your hormones are changing a lot, and your body is not used to it. Your breasts are starting to develop the capacity to make milk. You’re increasing your milk ducts, which are the tubes in your breasts that will carry milk to your nipples. You already had them in your body before you got pregnant, but they weren’t developing until they needed to.  

Rarely do women complain of serious pain. Your breasts and nipples will just be a little tender while they’re getting ready for something really important – feeding your baby.

Kathleen Abrahamson, MD, family medicine provider specializing in OB
Fairview Clinics – Princeton

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