Introducing Fairview Employer Solutions

As a large employer and health care provider, Fairview’s in a unique position to offer workplace health services to other employers.

We’re bringing our health care expertise to Minnesota workplaces through a new portfolio of services. Developed with top local employers, the goal of Fairview Employer Solutions is to help manage health costs and improve employee health and productivity. 

“Demand is growing for access to care in new and convenient ways,” says Rene’ Coult-Calendine, Fairview’s vice president of market and product development. “We’re thinking beyond our large network of hospitals and clinics about how we deliver health care directly to workplaces.” 

Our customizable offerings include onsite clinics, online care, Employee Assistance Programs with in-person counseling, sleep health and executive physicals through University of Minnesota Health. We plan to roll out more services for employers in the coming months. 

Here’s why we’re uniquely positioned to deliver these services:

We’re a large employer ourselves: Large employers expect to pay nearly $10,000 per person for health insurance benefits in 2018—a 5 percent increase over last year, according to the National Business Group on Health. With 32,000 employees of our own, we know the challenges of balancing cost control and taking great care of our most precious resource.

Minnesota employees are our patients: “We’ve heard directly from the source the kinds of services they want and how they want them,” Coult-Calendine says. “When we remove barriers to care and make it easy, affordable and convenient for employees to manage their health, we lower costs for everyone involved.”

Employers told us what they need: Fairview developed Employer Solutions in partnership with leading local employers, including Minnesota-based Fortune 500 companies. Not only are employers looking for new ways to manage health costs directly. We know they also want health and wellness programs that help them recruit and retain a more engaged workforce–which can further impact the bottom line. 

“We’re listening to what employers want, what our patients want and what our own employees want,” Coult-Calendine says. “And that’s really how this portfolio of services came together.” 

Go to Fairview Employer Solutions to learn more or get a consultation. 

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