How long does morning sickness last during pregnancy?

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Typically, symptoms start between six and eight weeks of getting pregnant. You may feel sick when you wake up. Certain foods or smells may trigger nausea or vomiting. Some women feel nauseated all day. 

Your hormones are in overdrive at this point, in order to start forming the placenta – the main source of oxygen and nutrition for your baby. Most of the early pregnancy symptoms tend to get better by the end of the first trimester, because that’s when the placenta is done developing. 

Women can usually count on morning sickness subsiding after that. An unfortunate few have to deal with it their entire pregnancy.

On the other hand, don’t worry if you’ve gotten to that sixth or eighth week of pregnancy and you’re still waiting for it to hit. It’s not true that having no morning sickness means you’ve miscarried or it’s not a healthy pregnancy.

Some women don’t have any symptoms of morning sickness, and we consider that normal, too. (Not to mention lucky.) 

Liz Rowland, certified nurse-midwife
Fairview Clinics – Bloomington, Oxboro
Fairview Center for Women – Edina 

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