Our Commitment To Patient Care On Eid Al-Adha And Every Day

Our Language Services team plays a vital role in patient care during scheduled appointments and unexpected medical events ... even on holidays.

Fairview Interpreter Services
Every day, Fairview receives more than 500 requests for interpreter services from patients who visit our hospitals, clinics and other care settings. Our Language Services team plays a critical role in patient care by making sure those patients understand the details of their illness or injury, procedures and treatment plan in their preferred language.

Like the rest of the care team, interpreter services are available 24/7, including holidays such as Eid Al-Adha (Eid), which this year is on Friday, Sept. 1. Eid Al-Adha, meaning ‘sacrifice feast’, the day begins with morning prayers and the celebrations continue with visits to friends and family, exchanging of gifts and abundant feasts. (Muslim holidays follow the lunar calendar and celebrations begin following the sighting of the new moon.)

“Eid is an important holiday to spend time with your loved ones, especially with children," says Farhiya Mohamud, University of Minnesota Medical Center, interpreter. "It’s a very joyous time for the whole family to get new clothes, give gifts and money to the children and feast on lots of sweets and delicious food.”

Focus on patient care, near and far

Our interpreters enjoy caring for our Muslim patients on Eid as much as any other day.

“Saying 'Happy Eid' to a Muslim patient on Eid Al-Adha and their face just lights up," says Abdulaziz Ali, University of Minnesota Medical Center, interpreter. "It makes them smile and they don’t feel so alone. They appreciate seeing another Muslim who's also away from family and missing the celebrations.”

“I want to make sure our patients receive the best care, even if it means time away from my family and friends,” continues Abdulaziz. The care our interpreters provide goes beyond our hospital walls. As a member of the

Health Care Interpreter Network (HCIN)—Fairview's language services team receives calls from hospitals and clinics from around the country.

“A hospital in California might not have enough interpreters scheduled on holidays such as Eid, and they depend on the HCIN services,” says Yasser Hamdani, University of Minnesota Medical Center, interpreter.

Yasser adds, “Being able to help a patient who is thousands of miles away understand details about a surgery is incredible.”

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