After the big race, what's next? Advice from a running specialist.

Physical therapist Dave Enneking specializes in treating runners—he shares what to expect after running the big race.

Advice from a running specialist.

This weekend, thousands of runners will hit the streets in Minneapolis and St. Paul for a favorite fall event, the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon.

Fairview physical therapist Dave Enneking specializes in treating runners, and he knows intense marathon training brings a risk of injury.

“Runners are known for their perseverance and commitment to reaching goals and personal records," says Dave. "They are driven to run faster and farther. It's my job to make sure runners meet their running goals safely.”

At the Institute for Athletic Medicine (IAM), running specialists like Dave have a wealth of knowledge on treating and preventing running injuries.

“For runners participating in the Twin Cities Marathon, good luck!” says Dave.

He offers additional advice for those running.

“Rest after the marathon," he says. "You’ve trained hard and have accomplished a great achievement. If you want to maintain the intensity of your training, there is scientific evidence affirming that our joints, muscles and tendons need sufficient rest in order to recover and repair for power and durability."

“Our immune systems may also be compromised after a marathon, putting us at a higher risk for illness. Generally speaking, allowing our bodies to recover from running for three weeks after a marathon is important to help prevent running injuries that can affect you now and long term,” continues Dave.

How can a running specialist help me?

Whether you are a novice or experienced runner, a sprinter or marathon runner, IAM running specialists have skills and services that can help keep you running safely. Some services include:

  • Comprehensive evaluations of ligaments and tendons, muscles and bones to assess the cause(s) of an injury
  • Comprehensive video analysis of running mechanics
  • Specialized drills to address mechanical inefficiencies
  • Analysis of foot structure and mechanics, including footwear recommendations 
  • Running-specific exercise prescriptions to enhance strength, flexibility, power and endurance 

Will we see you at the Twin Cities Marathon?

If you have injury questions or concerns, or you would just like to learn more about IAM running specialists and services, stop by the IAM booth at the Twin Cities Marathon Health & Fitness Expo.

IAM running specialists will offer complimentary injury screenings and free giveaways.

Learn more about the running program at the Institute for Athletic Medicine. To schedule an appointment, call 612-672-7100.

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