Fairview Patients Can Now Send, Share Sonogram Images In A Heartbeat

New technology at Fairview Clinics brings sonogram images and videos into the digital era.

October 2017 Sonogram Blog

A prenatal sonogram is more than a medical check-up—it’s the first time expecting parents get a glimpse of their unborn baby. For many, it’s a special moment.

"It's so cool," says Shannon Joran, a Fairview patient now pregnant with her third child. "You try and imagine what they're going to look like, how they're going to be, what they're going to do."

Sharing that sense of excitement and joy is now a little easier for Fairview patients. In addition to thermal paper printouts, Fairview Clinics recently began sending sonogram images and videos to patients via text and email. The images can be accessed on any cell phone, computer or smart device.

“We used to offer to put the sonogram images on a disk, but a lot of people don’t have disk drives on their computers anymore,” says Marie Lockwood, a sonographer at the Fairview Center for Women – Edina. “Almost everyone has an email or a cell phone now, though."

Not only do the digital images never fade or wrinkle, but they are also easy to forward on to friends, family and loved ones so they too can meet the new baby.

"I love it," says Shannon. "Everyone wants to see your ultrasound pictures, and this is an easy way to send them along and share with whoever you want. It works so much better with the way our world is now."

Marie says the generation having babies right now grew up in a digital era and appreciate being able to receive their sonogram in a way that’s familiar and convenient.

“Patients seem pretty surprised when I tell them we can text or email their sonogram to them,” says Marie. “They want to be able to text their friends and family right away, and now we can help them do that.”

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