Fairview Clinic Honored For Exceptional Midwifery Care

Fairview Clinics – Riverside recently earned the Triple Aim Award from the American College of Nurse Midwives.

Jennie Ramsey, CNM, Fairview Clinics – Riverside

Fairview Clinics – Riverside was recently recognized with the Triple Aim Award by the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) for providing excellent care to pregnant and laboring mothers. A hospital or clinic must qualify for three exceptional ratings—low cesarean section rates, high breastfeeding rates and low preterm birth rates—to earn this award.

“We’re proud to be recognized for high-quality care," says Jennie Ramsey, CNM, Fairview Clinics – Riverside lead certified midwife. “Midwives take a very personal approach to care, and this shows that our methods are working to create positive patient outcomes."

Rewarding hard work

Midwives at Fairview Clinics – Riverside and University of Minnesota Health Women’s Health Specialists Clinic earned this honor. Both groups say it wouldn’t be possible without the nursing staff at The Birthplace at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, where both clinics deliver.

“It’s nice to be acknowledged for the work we do and midwives do overall,” says Jennie. “Supporting normal physiological birth is really important. Our two groups of midwives are among just six to earn this honor in Minnesota."

Achieving great outcomes

Jennie believes there are many ways the midwives and The Birthplace staff achieve great patient outcomes.

"We've developed and use a wide variety of labor support techniques that help us achieve our low C-section rates, such as upright birthing guidelines, labor slings and water birth," says Jennie. "Our overall midwifery philosophy contributes to our low preterm birth rates—we take time to listen to the individual woman, watching for risks of preterm labor closely and catching issues early enough to intervene. We also are a designated Baby Friendly Hospital, which means breastfeeding is encouraged and patients receive a lot of education and support."

By the numbers

The ACNM numbers to meet Triple Aim are a primary cesarean rate less than 23.9 percent, a preterm birth rate less than 11.4 percent and an exclusive breastfeeding within 48 hours rate greater than 81 percent.

Fairview Clinics – Riverside midwives have a primary cesarean rate of 6.9 percent, a preterm birth rate of 4 percent and an exclusive breastfeeding within 48 hours rate of 94.3 percent. 

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