Sending Sunshine to Las Vegas

After tragedy struck Las Vegas, one group of Fairview employees found a unique way to show their love and support.

In the wake of last month’s shooting in Las Vegas, many people were left wondering why.

But Fairview nurse manager Jessica Purdue Rep, RN, also found herself asking another question: “What can I do?” 

At the forefront of Jessica’s mind was the surgical staff at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, where many of the victims were taken for emergency surgery.   

I can’t even imagine what they had to go through,” says Jessica, who works in same-day surgery at Fairview Lakes Medical Center. “I’m sure they saw a lot of things that were quite devastating.” 

Healing the healers

Jessica huddled with her team, and together they decided to do something to show their love and support for their counterparts in Las Vegas.  

“We wanted to send a little sunshine their way,” she says.

The team put up signs around the unit and collected money, treats, gifts—anything people wanted to give. At the end of the week, they put all of the goodies into a “sunshine box,” along with a card containing heartfelt messages from the team, and sent it off to Las Vegas.

“Hopefully it brings them a little bit of joy and lets them know we’re thinking about them,” Jessica says. “We want to let them know that somebody out there cares about them and hopes that they’re doing well."

The joy of giving

For Jessica and her team, efforts like this are all about paying it forward. 

"Being able to do a random act of kindness and put a smile on somebody's face is awesome, whether or not we ever hear back," says Jessica. "At Fairview, we think about others a lot and try to send that love out into the world.” 

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