Protecting Our Vulnerable Neighbors, One Call At A Time

Telecare is a daily wellness check-in service for seniors who live alone—giving family members a peace of mind knowing loved ones are safe and well.

When Marianne didn’t call, Nancy Schaber, volunteer specialist at Fairview Southdale Hospital, knew something was wrong.

Marianne is a client of Telecare—a free daily wellness check-in service for seniors who live alone. Marianne called the Telecare hotline every morning, giving everyone the peace of mind to know she was safe, secure and well. 

Helping seniors live independently

Every day, participating seniors ranging in age from 66 to 99 call in or receive a call from volunteers who staff the Telecare phone line.

“Marianne was always very consistent,” says Nancy. “Each morning we received a cheerful voice message from Marianne, but this particular morning, we didn’t hear anything from her. Something didn’t seem right.”

If a client doesn't call and the volunteers are unable to reach him or her, emergency contacts are then engaged by the Telecare staff. That’s when Nancy gave Marianne's son Dan a call.

Responding in a moment of crisis

“My mom loved the fact that she was able to live independently in her own home,” says Dan. “But when I received a call from Nancy that my mom hadn’t called that morning, I tried to contact her with no luck.”

Nancy then contacted the local police department and requested a wellness check. Officers discovered Marianne had fallen and needed medical attention.

“Without programs like Telecare, who knows what would’ve happened to my mom,” says Dan. “This service gives me peace of mind knowing my mom is OK and someone else is looking out for her well-being.”

Providing comfort

“It is comforting for family members to know that if something happens to their loved one, someone is looking out for them,” says Nancy. “Over the years, volunteers have received thank you cards from clients and families who are so appreciative of the Telecare program.”

“Our clients are a treasure and we enjoy the opportunity to serve them each and every day,” says Nancy. 

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