Katie’s Story: How Burnsville Midwives Helped Her Stay Confident Through Labor

We recently added midwives to our care team at Fairview Clinics – Burnsville, and they’ve been helping families welcome their babies in a natural, holistic way ever since.

Egge Family

When Katie Egge began her prenatal care at Fairview Clinics – Burnsville, she shared something in common with her OB/GYN, Alison Brown, MD—they were both pregnant. This meant Katie would need a new provider when Dr. Brown went on maternity leave. The timing was actually perfect, since Fairview Clinics – Burnsville had just added midwives to its care team.

“I’m a therapist and take a holistic approach to the care I provide my own patients, so choosing a midwife was a natural choice,” says Katie. “I sincerely enjoyed working with Dr. Brown, but I also value the care I received with my midwife, Mary Johnson, CNM, APRN. She was able to spend a lot of time with us, answer our questions and prepare us for meeting our child.”

Meeting baby Aiden

Katie’s contractions started late one night and her water broke fairly quickly afterwards, but her baby took his time to make an entrance–20 hours!

Mary had already delivered two babies that day at The Birthplace at Fairview Ridges Hospital, so Lynnsie Schramm, DNP, APRN, CNM, partnered with Katie for labor.

“We were surprised by the amount of time Lynnsie was able to spend with us–she was with us for hours!" says Katie. "She coached me through contractions and made me feel confident. You can take as many pregnancy classes as you can find, but nothing can really prepare you for full labor.”

New dad Justin appreciated the support, too. One unforgettable moment for him was when Katie was working through very painful contractions.

“Lynnsie got on the ground with her—on her hands and knees to be eye level with Katie—and talked her through the pain and gave her the support she needed,” says Justin.

“We really benefited from amazing teamwork between Lynnsie and our nurse, Jazzy. She was great. I felt taken care of the entire time and very supported,” recalls Katie.

Pleasant surprises

Katie says the biggest surprise of their birth story was the actual moment their baby was born.

“As he was coming out, Lynnsie told me to go ahead and grab him, and I did,” says Katie. “It was amazing. Something I never expected to do, but it was a beautiful moment.”

Justin says they were even more surprised when they learned they had a son.

“We didn’t find out ahead of time, but we both were absolutely convinced we were having a girl!” says Justin.

After Aiden was weighed, measured and given a checkup, the nurses did something that meant a lot to the new parents.

“They simply allowed us time by ourselves to let us get to know Aiden. The nurses made sure I was comfortable, of course, but they gave us privacy without a lot of interruptions to enjoy our new family,” says Katie.

Pregnancy care

Whether you are expecting a baby yourself or just starting to think about expanding your family, Fairview has all the care you need. From family planning to fertility issues to nausea, fatigue and the roller coaster of emotions and questions that come with being pregnant and having a baby, our experts will be with you every step of the way.

Meet our midwives and our pregnancy care team. Call 855-FAIRVIEW anytime of day to make an appointment at any of our clinics.

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