Our Pregnancy Journey: Baby Number Three

Jeremy Peterson, MD, is a physician at Fairview Clinics – Princeton. He specializes in family medicine with a focus on obstetrics. He lives in Princeton with his wife, Heather, a teacher, and their two children. They are expecting their third child in August. We’re excited to welcome them as guest bloggers so we can follow them throughout the pregnancy.

We never imagined how different this pregnancy experience would be from the others. After we decided to have a third child, we endured two miscarriages. So when Heather got another positive result from a home pregnancy test, we were cautiously optimistic. Then, at our nine-week ultrasound when we got to see our baby’s heartbeat, we got very excited.

We started sharing the news after our 12-week appointment, when we were more comfortable that things were going to be all right. Telling our kids was fun. We told them that Mommy “has a baby in her tummy.” Isaac (6) understood right away. He turned to Anna (3) and told her she was going to be a big sister and that he was going to be a “double big brother.” They both jumped up and down with excitement!

The baby is due in August, which feels very far away when you’re a child. Both Isaac and Anna are a little unhappy that they have to wait so long to meet their new brother or sister. They’ve become very good at counting the months on our family calendar. In the meantime, Heather keeps them involved in the baby’s development in a unique way, with a little help from the internet. She gets weekly email updates that compare the baby’s current size to a fruit or vegetable. Heather then buys that item at the grocery store to show the kids how the baby is growing.

Being pregnant with two kids already at home has been a much different, more exhausting experience. Heather has a lot of fatigue, nausea and vomiting. After balancing work, school and family life, she’s pretty tired at the end of the week. In all of this though, there are still the pregnancy milestones that make everything worth it, like feeling the baby move for the first time. Heather noticed this around 16 weeks and I was able to feel it around 17 weeks. That experience is still amazing no matter how many times we’ve been through this.

When Heather was pregnant the first time, we took advantage of all the prenatal classes offered at Fairview Northland Medical Center. They were extremely helpful and I even learned some “dad” things that they don’t teach in medical school! This time, we’re looking to the maternal-fetal medicine experts due to Heather’s age (over 35). We’ve scheduled a consultation and will have some additional tests, a more detailed ultrasound and a genetic counseling meeting to make sure everything is all right.

Both of our children were born at Fairview Northland and this baby will be too. I’m looking forward to letting my colleagues deliver our child while I play the role of husband and father.

Thank you for sharing our pregnancy journey with us. We’ll continue to provide updates and, like Isaac and Anna, we’re counting the months until we can introduce you to the newest member of our family!

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