Our Pregnancy Journey: Choosing our family doctor

Choosing a doctor for prenatal and newborn care is a personal decision. Jeremy Peterson, MD, a provider at Fairview Clinics – Princeton, and his wife, Heather, are expecting their third child this August and are sharing their pregnancy journey with us.

Peterson family pregnancy journey

With just about seven weeks until they meet their new baby, the Petersons sat down for a quick Q&A on how they’re feeling, preparing for their new addition and insight into how they picked their doctor.

Q: Let’s start with Heather—how are you feeling now that you’re 33 weeks pregnant? 

A: I’m feeling good, although I still do have morning sickness off and on. The baby is busy growing—I’m finding my ‘baby bump’ is getting in the way a lot more.
Now that my school year as a teacher is complete, I have more time to emotionally prepare to become a family with three children. Our kids are beginning to make the connection that the baby will be here soon. August cannot come fast enough for them!

Q: How are you preparing for baby number three? 

A: The closer our due date gets, the more we realize how much less prepared we feel for this baby compared to the prep we did for our first. Fortunately, we have done this a couple times already, so we do have a better idea of what to expect.
We recently picked out a new infant car seat, as the one we used for our other two children is now expired. (Infant car seats have a 6 year lifespan.) We’re also starting to go through the kids’ baby toys and clothes and cleaning them for our new baby. Since we don’t know the sex of the baby, we’re preparing for both.

Q: Planning for a baby also includes picking a doctor to care for your child. Can you tell us more about how you picked your doctor? 

A: I knew when we were first starting our family that it was important for us to all be connected to one doctor, so I choose Kathy Abrahamson, MD, as my doctor and my children’s doctor. She is a family medicine provider who also specializes in obstetrics, just like my husband Jeremy. 

Q: Women have several choices when it comes to picking a provider for prenatal care, including OB/GYN, midwives and family medicine doctors. Dr. Peterson, can you tell us more about family medicine doctors who also provide prenatal care? 

A: When a doctor’s specialty is Family Medicine with Obstetrics, it means he or she is trained in managing pregnancies and obstetrical care in addition to providing primary care for all ages.
For me, this means I provide care for moms-to-be and also get the pleasure to care for their babies. I take great pride in being able to care for families from family planning to well visits and school physicals. It is a privilege to be part of a patient's prenatal and pregnancy delivery care and then getting the opportunity to watch their children grow.
I usually like to remind dads that my practice isn't just for moms and kids. Family medicine means I can see them too, and in some cases it may have been a few years since their last physical! 

Q. Why is Fairview Northland Medical Center such an important part of the health care community? 

A: I often hear from patients about how much they enjoyed their birth experience at Fairview Northland Medical Center. They’re glad to have access to high quality obstetrical care with a personal experience close to where they live.
It’s what brought me to Fairview Clinics – Princeton. During medical school, I had the unique opportunity to do some training here and saw the remarkable care our nursing and medical staff delivers at the hospital. Beyond clinical expertise, you’ll find personal touches that really make our patients’ experiences memorable. Being a part of this during my training was one of the reasons I chose to specialize in family medicine with obstetrics and to practice it in Princeton. It is also why Heather and I chose to deliver all of our children at Fairview Northland’s award-winning Birthplace. We are excited to deliver our new baby here in just a few short weeks.

Pregnancy care at Fairview

From family planning and fertility to pregnancy, labor and delivery, you’ll find our team of trusted providers is passionate about providing the very best care. Our care team includes family medicine doctors who specialize in obstetrics, OB/GYNs and certified nurse midwives.
To make an appointment with any of our care team, call 855-FAIRVIEW, or explore our website to find a provider near you.

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