Youth Grief Services Helps Kids Stay Connected

You provide hope and healing to kids suffering the loss of a loved one

Youth Grief Services
Losing a loved one is difficult for anyone to endure, especially when you are a child. For 17 years, Youth Grief Services has supported families and children in times of loss. The program assists children through the grieving process while introducing them to other children who have suffered a similar loss.

Recently Youth Grief Services began offering social gatherings to help children stay connected. These events are partially funded by a grant from the Fairview Giving Circle, a group of philanthropists whose purpose is to improve health care in our communities and support Fairview programs and services.

Someone like me

Many children who have suffered a loss also experience a feeling of being alone or isolated. Having the opportunity to meet peers who share similar feelings through fun social events can be an effective co-therapist.

“Children at play with other children who have also suffered a loss can help ease the grieving process,” says Jenny Simmonds, director of Youth Grief Services. “Just knowing your playmate has encountered similar experiences is comforting.”

All are welcome

Fairview’s Youth Grief Services is the only program of its kind in Minnesota–families and children come from all over the state to participate. Current families had the idea to add social events to the programming, and the Fairview Giving Circle was there to make it possible.

Events scheduled in 2017 include a pool party and a picnic. Individuals who are currently participating in Youth Grief Services as well as families who have received services within the past two years are invited.

For more information about the Fairview Giving Circle, visit the Fairview Foundation website.

Youth Grief Services social events are funded by your generous donations–help us continue providing these important opportunities by making a tax-deductible donation today.

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