The Face of Fairview

First impressions are hard to forget. That’s why our Patient Registration team works hard to provide patients with a positive introduction to Fairview.

Faces of Fairview April Thomas

First impressions are hard to forget. That’s why our Patient Registration team works hard to provide patients with a positive introduction to Fairview. 

“We play a vital role in patient satisfaction because we are the face of Fairview,” says April Thomas, Fairview patient access specialist. “We are responsible for giving patients a positive first impression at our sites, so it’s important that we make them feel welcome right from the start.”

Ensuring comfort

April works in The Birthplace at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. Although she sees patients and families during an emotional time, April finds the perfect way to make families feel at home when they arrive.

"I see families with a lot of mixed emotions. They’re super happy, excited, nervous and scared,” says April. “That’s why I like to be that smiling face when they arrive. I try to make them as comfortable as possible and assure them they are in great hands.”

Sarah Hanson, patient registration representative at Fairview Clinics – Andover, also has found a smile and genuine greeting is key to making patients feel welcome.

“My first priority is taking care of our patients when they come into our clinics and making sure they feel comfortable,” says Sarah. “I’m known for smiling, and patients tell me they really appreciate that.”

Accuracy is key

In order for patients to have a smooth experience at our hospitals, our Patient Registration team must be extremely detailed when entering patient information. Their daily duties include accurately completing patient charts, coding accounts and obtaining demographic information.

“Concise, updated and accurate information helps it all go smoothly—whether it’s billing, care or everything in between,” says April. “It’s important not to rush the process.”

Helping hurting patients

The face of Fairview

For Sarah, one of her job’s challenges is when a patient she has known for years gets very sick or loses a loved one.

“I’ve known one of my patients since I started working here 14 years ago,” says Sarah. “It was hard to watch them lose two family members within just two years. What helped was hearing them say that they look forward to coming to our clinic because I brighten their day. I make sure they know that they brighten my day, too.”

The joys of the job

Knowing she can assist in a pleasant birthing experience for families is one of the reasons April loves her job.

“The Birthplace is a happy place for me,” says April. “I like seeing the patients and easing them through a stressful, unknown situation.”

Sarah looks forward to work because she gets to help patients and families she has developed relationships with over the years.

“I know most of our patients personally now, which makes my job really enjoyable,” says Sarah. “I love being a patient registration representative because of the patient interaction. I let them know I’m happy to see them. It’s nice because I’ve noticed that the patients are excited to see me, too.”

Why Fairview?

Besides the patient interaction, April and Sarah enjoy their jobs because of their co-workers and workplace.

“I have worked with many of the same people over the years and enjoy the time I have spent building those relationships. We really do care about one another and are always excited to welcome new employees to our Andover family,” says Sarah.

During her almost 18 years at Fairview, April has also developed close relationships at her workplace and all throughout the Fairview system.

“From my co-workers to what I do, I can’t think of anything I don’t like!” says April.

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