Saving Our Patients $20 Million, One Prescription at a Time

As prescription prices continue to rise, Fairview is working to ensure all patients can afford their medications.

As prescription drug prices continue to rise, Fairview Health Services is using grants, creativity and an army of dedicated staff to ensure that all patients can afford their medications. Last year alone we saved patients more than $20 million in prescription costs.

Searching for savings

Fairview’s highly skilled staff works to provide financial assistance through three main avenues: reaching out to manufacturers about copay assistance, finding grants provided by nonprofit organizations for specific diseases and contacting drug manufacturers for financial assistance.  
Patients don’t need to request this service—it’s built into Fairview’s standard processes.

“For anything higher than a $5 copay, we look to see if there’s any assistance available to the patient,” says Amanda Robinson, access service manager for Fairview Specialty Pharmacy. “We keep patients in the loop but we try to do much of it on our own to alleviate stress for them.”

Fairview has about 30 staff members throughout the system who work to find ways to save patients money, even if they’re not filling their prescription at a Fairview pharmacy.

Additionally, Fairview Foundation offers a one-time $500 grant at Fairview retail pharmacy locations to qualifying patients experiencing financial difficulties who don’t qualify for other forms of assistance.

“We want to make sure we’re getting our patients their medications in the cheapest possible way so they don’t have that financial stress along with a new diagnosis from their provider,” says Amanda.

Better health outcomes

Making medications more affordability doesn’t just help patients financially—it can lead to better medical outcomes as well.

“Lowering costs helps ensure patient adherence,” says Amanda. “When medications are affordable, patients are more likely to be on their medication and stay on their medication, which helps overall quality of life.”

Ensuring that every patient has access to the lifesaving prescriptions they need helps us strengthen the health of our communities and provide the best care possible for the people we serve.

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