Promoting healthy choices in our communities

You are educating others about healthy beverage alternatives

Rethink Your Drink

Doing our part to battle obesity and chronic diseases, Fairview no longer sells sugar-sweetened beverages in our hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and corporate offices. Through the ReThink Your Drink Campaign, all onsite machines and cafeterias now offer unsweetened beverages and 100% juice choices. 

In 2016, Fairview joined forces with the Minneapolis Health Department to implement ReThink Your Drink. The initiative educates the communities we serve about the health impacts of sugary drinks, improves the availability of healthier options and encourages people to think twice about beverage choices.

Thanks to your generous contributions, Fairview successfully promoted the campaign and educated our staff and communities about the health risks associated with drinking high-calorie soft drinks and other sugary beverages.

Your donations purchased professional displays, brochures, handouts and 2,000 infuser water bottles for giveaways. These important communication tools were used at 10 community events and health fairs.

A priority in our community

The decision to implement the ReThink Your Drink campaign emerged from Fairview’s Community Health Needs Assessment–an evaluation that examines of the unmet health needs of our communities. The assessment determined obesity and chronic diseases continue to be a pressing health issues in the areas we serve.

“Fairview is committed to supporting longer and healthier lives,” says Paul Onufer, Fairview vice president and executive, system operations. “Fairview has done a lot to model healthy behaviors to the community when it comes to healthy food choices, like removing fried food from our cafeterias. It was time to make sure our beverage options reflect our values as well.”

With your donation Fairview is taking another important step to driving a healthier future throughout our community.

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