James Hereford: A Leader to Know in 2018

Twin Cities Business names James Hereford one of 100 People to Know in 2018.

At Fairview, we’ve enjoyed getting to know our President and CEO, James Hereford, since he took the helm one year ago, and now the broader Twin Cities community is taking note of his leadership, too. This month, Twin Cities Business named Hereford one of 100 People to Know in 2018.

Though Hereford may be relatively new to the Twin Cities, he is well-known for his expertise in improving the systems and processes that undergird the increasingly complex field of health care delivery. Throughout his career, Hereford has earned kudos for his courage to take on new challenges and tackle the hard work of improving and transforming what he calls the most demanding and complex service industry there is.

Getting to know our ‘Leader to Know’

As the Twin Cities begins to get to know James Hereford, here are three fun facts you may not know about our CEO:

1. James Hereford began his career as a high school math teacher in Montana. So how did he go from teaching Algebra to leading one of the state’s most comprehensive health systems? While pursuing a Ph.D. in statistics at the University of Washington, Hereford began consulting work that led him to Group Health in Seattle, where he says he fell in love with health care and the mission-oriented people who work in the field—and launched his distinguished health care career.

2. He believes in “going to Gemba.” Hereford reserves time on his busy calendar each week to interact with front-line care providers throughout the Fairview system—a concept known as going to Gemba. The insights gained in these visits make it an essential part of his standard work as a leader.

3. He loves biking—and giving back. Hereford was a strong ambassador and captain of Fairview’s peloton for this year’s inaugural Chainbreaker bicycle ride, which raised more than $36,240 for cancer research at the University of Minnesota.

You can keep getting to know Fairview’s “person to know” in the video below.

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