Fairview Lakes Medical Center Gets a Kid-Friendly Upgrade

From soothing artwork to new technology to more family-friendly spaces, Fairview Lakes is working to improve hospital experiences for its littlest visitors.

Fairview Lakes Medical Center project leaders thank the hospital's staff for making the upgrades possible through their donations.

A log cabin sits on the banks of a crystal blue lake. In the front lawn, friends gather around a fire, one of them gently strumming a guitar. Out in the distance, a fisherman and his son cast their reels, serenaded by the soft coos of a family of loons and the steady lap of the water against their canoe. Frogs, fireflies and picturesque foliage abound.

This is the scene that now greets patients and families as they walk through the doors at Fairview Lakes Medical Center. The north woods-themed mural was completed recently as part of a series of upgrades and additions designed to make the hospital more welcoming to our youngest visitors. The project is made possible entirely through employee donations—a gift from them to their patients. 

Better hospital experiences for all patients

Back in 2015, a team of Fairview Lakes leaders from multiple departments identified a need for child- and family-friendly upgrades throughout the hospital. 

“Even though we’re not a pediatric hospital, we wanted to provide better spaces for our smallest patients yet create something appealing to the continuum of ages that come through our doors,” says Kathy Bystrom, north region manager of community health.

The hospital hired local artist Adam Turman to paint the main lobby mural—which he did freehand—as well as to create similar paintings in other areas of the hospital.

In addition to new artwork, Fairview Lakes plans to add new furniture, play spaces, games, toys and interactive technology throughout the hospital—all with the goal of making children feel more at ease.

“Creating a clean, bright attractive space for what can be a highly stressful time for families will lend itself to a positive patient and family experience,” says Kathy.

Looking ahead

The main lobby mural may be finished, but the hospital still has many other changes coming down the pipeline.

“We’re going to carry elements of everything included in that large mural in the main lobby into other spaces in the hospital,” says Kathy. “For example, the same-day surgery waiting space is going to run with the canoe element of the main mural and create a canoe theme.”

That waiting area may even include a real canoe for kids to play in!

Other changes include creating a mama and baby loon theme for The Birthplace, a dragonfly pond theme for the emergency department and remodeling Emergency Department and urgent care rooms to hide potentially scary equipment and cords.

Donations in action

Fairview Lakes employees made these transformative upgrades to their hospital possible by donating to Fairview Foundation. Fairview Foundation raises funds to further Fairview's mission to heal, discover and educate for longer, healthier lives. 

“It’s been really fun for staff to see the fruits of their gifts over the last couple of years,” says Kathy. "I hope that families of all ages can enjoy seeing the changes."

Would you like to support positive hospital experiences for children and families? Donate to the Fairview Foundation today!

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