There’s No Place Like Home for Children’s Infusion Therapies

Fairview Home Infusion offers families comfort, convenience and personalized care.

Missed school days. Missed work. Expensive hotel stays. Seven-hour road trips.

That’s what it used to take for sisters Willow, 9, and Bella, 7, to receive treatment for a rare genetic disorder they both share. The family lives in Balaton, Minn., and every week they would all make the three-and-a-half hour trek to Minneapolis for infusions at University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital.

“We made a lot of sacrifices to go up there—it was hard,” says the girls’ mother, Elizabeth. “I looked at infusion options at our local hospital, but their setup at the time was not conducive to kids.”

A better option

After a few months of monitoring the girls’ infusions, their doctors approached Elizabeth and her husband with the idea of home infusion therapies through Fairview Pharmacy. But Elizabeth was wary.

“My kids were young and they were scared of needles,” she says. “With all the medical things they’d gone through, all the surgeries—it all adds up. I didn’t want scary stuff brought into our home. I wanted home to be a safe place for them.”

The doctors explained the added ease, mobility and comfort that the home infusions could offer the girls. Fairview Home Infusion also helps families with insurance authorizations, free home delivery of medical supplies, personalized care, and access to the full spectrum of system-wide care resources. 

“Our nurses come into the home, support the family and provide education to the parents,” says Chris Moore, Fairview Home Infusion therapy manager. 

“We come to them and accommodate their schedules, and it relieves the burden of families having to drive into an infusion center.”

After weighing the options, Elizabeth decided to give it a try.

More time to be kids

Fairview Home Infusion worked to create a seamless transition from hospital to home. At the family’s request, Fairview Home Infusion nurses set up supplies at the girls’ grandparents’ house, which offered a slightly bigger space. The nurses continued coming to the house each week to provide infusion sessions and lab tests.

In addition to a more comfortable environment, home infusion therapies allowed the girls to be more mobile while receiving treatment.

“They didn’t have to be hooked up to an IV pole anymore, so they could get up and move around with the medication bag, do homework, watch movies, play games on the lawn—even bake cookies,” Elizabeth says.

The family started having theme nights for the infusion sessions. On Hawaiian night, they have pizza with pineapple. On beach party night, they eat dinner on the floor on beach towels.

“Those aren’t things you can easily do in a hospital or an infusion center,” Elizabeth says. “I’m happy that now everything doesn’t have to be so heavy, especially when there’s been so much medical stuff in their young lives. It’s been amazing.”

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