One of These Fairview Scholarship Winners May be Your Next Doctor

Scholarship winners

Fairview Ridges volunteer Fahan Amin.

If the medical staff at Fairview Ridges Hospital has their way, these junior volunteers will one day be your doctor or nurse, and they’re doing more than hoping it happens.

For about 25 years, the Fairview Ridges medical staff has generously funded a scholarship program for volunteers at the hospital. To date, more than 280 scholarships have been awarded to help volunteers pursing an education towards a health care profession.

“We, as a medical staff, want to support our youth volunteers financially as they devote themselves to medical careers and hopefully return to Fairview Ridges to practice in their chosen field,” says Fairview Ridges chief of staff Jessica Vanderscoff, MD. “One of our doctors was a previous recipient and speaks highly of how much this meant to him.”

In 2017, the medical staff provided $20,000 toward scholarships that was awarded to 26 volunteers, including Fahan Amin and Mekenzie Peterson. 

“I’m very, very grateful,” says Fahan. “My biggest concern is how I’m going to pay for college, and getting a scholarship means having a way to pay for my future.”


Fairview Ridges volunteer Mekenzie Peterson.

“I want to be a surgeon,” says Mekenzie, “so I think it’s awesome that the medical staff provides funds for the scholarships. They’re helping create the next generation of doctors.”

For Dr. Vanderscoff, the scholarships are more than a way to support the dreams of these students.

“Giving youth volunteers exposure to a positive health care environment can help them develop a good work ethic and the tools they need to care for patients for many years to come,” says Dr. Vanderscoff. “We want to support that development, because it is not only great for Fairview Ridges, but for our communities.”

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