“I never thought I was going to hear his voice”

When Daisy Silva’s son 7-year-old son Ray was first diagnosed with autism, experts didn’t think he would be able to talk. The stress and confusion of not being able to communicate frustrated Ray and saddened his family.

After years of speech therapy at Fairview Clinics – Eagan, things are starting to change.

Speech therapists helped Ray learn to communicate using various methods and programs. They also gave his family activities to do together, so that his parents could help Ray make more gains at home. It’s made a difference.

“We waited five years to finally hear his voice,” says Daisy.  “It’s totally different. Now he can talk to anybody in the house and say ‘I want’ or ‘I need.’  Just by his voice, our life changed.”

Daisy credits the work speech therapist Melissa Buelow has done with Ray as key to his success.

“I tell people that Melissa is the greatest. I can’t explain in words how much she’s been helping us,” Daisy says. “I don’t see her as a therapist or a doctor—I see her as family.”

While Ray is continuing to grow his vocabulary, Daisy does have a favorite phrase.

“He can now say, ‘I love you, Mommy,” Daisy says. “Melissa helped me hear my son’s voice, and that’s priceless.”

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