Fairview recycles 40,000 pounds of hospital waste every year

Did you know the average hospital generates over 28 pounds of waste per staffed bed each day? One of many ways Fairview Health Services works to reduce waste generated in our hospitals is through our new sustainability and cost-reduction initiative: single-use device reprocessing.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, “A reprocessed single use device is an original device that has previously been used on a patient and has been subjected to additional processing and manufacturing for the purpose of an additional single use on a patient.”  Reprocessing is a key component in the environmental sustainability programs of many hospitals and health care providers. Single-use device reprocessing is another way in which we can meet our sustainability goals without compromising patient care or safety.

What are the benefits of reprocessing?

  • Sustainability – All items collected for reprocessing are reused or recycled, reducing solid waste and costs associated with disposal for Fairview. By collecting single use items for reprocessing and recycling, Fairview expects to keep 40,000 pounds of waste from our landfills annually.
  • Patient safety – Before medical devices can be reprocessed and reused, our third-party reprocessor must comply with the same requirements that apply to the original equipment manufacturers. All reprocessed single-use device are approved and tested by the FDA. The safety and effectiveness of reprocessed devices is supported by research conducted by a number of organizations, including the Government Accountability Office.

Fairview is committed to environmental sustainability and waste diversion has been a key component of our sustainability program. Our reprocessing program allows us to continue to provide the highest quality patient care while being financially and environmentally responsible.

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