Tips to avoid the bulge this Thanksgiving

It’s almost upon us. One of the busiest times of the year, and one in which we tend to throw all caution to the wind and eat our hearts out!

Yes, it is fun and even tradition to grab a slice of that homemade pecan pie or drizzle gravy on the entire plate. But for those of you doing the Frosty Challenge, or others who are just trying to be more mindful of overindulgence, here are a few tips to make it a healthier holiday this year.

1. Eat a good breakfast. You might think that if you avoid breakfast, it leaves you more room to indulge later in the day, but eating a good breakfast can set your day up for success, ensuring you’re not ravenous by the time the turkey is done.

2. Start the day with a workout. There are plenty of local Turkey Trots and most of the local gyms sponsor some type of expanded fitness class programming the morning of Thanksgiving. Start your day with exercise and you’ll burn calories before consuming them and you’ll have more energy throughout the day. Turkey Trots are also a great way to spend time with family or community.

3. Switch up a couple of your traditional sides for healthier alternatives. You can still maintain family traditions, but why not start some new ones too?

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