Stepping Up On Career Ladders

Guest post by Laura Beeth, Fairview system director of talent acquisition.

In the next five years there will be more than 6,500 health care job openings in St. Paul and Minneapolis alone. More than half of these openings will be four-year-degree nursing jobs. The job market has high demand for health care employees.

Perhaps more importantly, employees have high demand for career ladders—experiences, opportunities and training from their employers that lead to increased wages, responsibility and authority in a chosen profession.

Fairview is committed to making career ladders in health care possible.

Building workforce pipelines to serve you

Fairview has a dedicated department to identify and hire workers of all levels today to make sure a highly skilled care team is in place for patients’ future medical needs.

For job seekers, Fairview has opportunities like dual training programs that allow employees to work while finishing school, and internships and apprenticeships that offer foundational experience for your chosen career path.

For employees, we offer scholarships, tuition reimbursement and nursing education grants, among other programs, to open doors to advanced education.

Ways we’re stepping up

Fairview’s efforts to provide career ladders, prepare pipelines of health care workers and enable employees to advance their careers have been recognized locally and nationally.

  • We are proud to be recognized by the White House for our commitment to hire 500 youth workers to their first jobs over the next two years.
  • We are committed to bringing career pathways programs to diverse communities to address racial disparities and achievement gaps.
  • We are dedicated to our role on a national task force to set guidelines for health care training in relation to the skills employers need.
  • We are honored to receive national recognition as a champion for frontline health care workers.

A nursing journey

Zach Taylor

Zach Taylor

Zach Taylor is a student of graduate nursing education who joined Fairview in 2013—he had a Bachelor of Arts degree and had just become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

“I started at Ebenezer, part of the Fairview system, which gave me the first professional opportunity to practice the skills I learned through my nursing prerequisite preparation,” says Zach.

After a scholarship, tuition reimbursement, scheduling flexibility to balance his courses, clinical rotations and now three years of professional connections through various jobs within Fairview, Zach knows his nursing career is set.

“Fairview’s commitment to students has been key to achieving my goal to stay employed full time over the past three years while attending school,” says Zach. “At every turn, Fairview has been committed to developing me.”

“I can only say thank you  to Fairview—and to every individual making my progress in this workforce pipeline possible—and I look forward to a rich and rewarding nursing career at my Fairview home.”

Learn more about opportunities for students and Fairview careers.

laura-beeth2016Laura Beeth has more than 25 years of leadership experience in talent acquisition, talent management and workforce development at Fairview. Laura also serves as board chair of the Governor’s Workforce Development Board and state chair of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Healthcare Education-Industry Partnership Council.

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