Making The Most Of MyChart



You can find almost anything online these days—the score of the game, product price comparisons or your bank statement from two years ago. But what about finding your health information?

At Fairview, we’re helping make that last one easier.

Getting health information at home

“Patients today don’t want to have to go to their doctor’s office and wait for physical copies of their medical records to be prepared,” says Lisa Schultz, operations manager for health information management at Fairview. “We wanted to make it more convenient for our patients to access these records at home or on-the-go—whenever it works with their schedule, not ours.”

As of Nov. 8, Fairview’s MyChart has a newly added feature that allows you to request your health information through MyChart, which will be generated as a PDF and added to your account for you to view, download or share at your leisure.

All Fairview patients can set up MyChart accounts, an online portal to health information and records, 24 hours-a-day. These online accounts help patients communicate electronically, quickly and securely with members of their health care team.

Ask about a MyChart account or this feature the next time you visit your Fairview clinic or provider.

“The new feature is just another part of our Fairview commitment to provide a great patient experience,” says Lisa.

With new access, safety comes first

As we take steps to make your health information more accessible to you, also read about our steps to keep your health information secure.

“Patients should exercise caution when printing or downloading their health records from MyChart,” says Lisa. “Protect your health records as you would with any other sensitive, personal information.”

More MyChart updates to better serve our patients are coming in early 2017.

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