Each Job, Every Day: Employee Service Center Representative

It’s open enrollment season. For employees around the nation, it’s time to consider their benefit options, including how they’ll meet any health care needs that arise.

It’s true for Fairview employees as well—for doctors, nurses and the thousands of professionals that make care possible. For a handful of Fairview employees, it’s also the busiest time of the year.

“Open enrollment is extremely busy,” says Joni Murray, Fairview Employee Service Center (ESC) representative. “I’m on the phone all day.”

ESC representatives like Joni answer hundreds of HR questions, including those related to open enrollment, from Fairview employees statewide. Each calls with a unique question or situation related to items such as benefits, payroll, occupational health services or vaccination appointments.

While representatives like Joni don’t serve patients, they embody Fairview’s commitment to great customer experience. They strive to find solutions as quickly as possible for their coworkers, even handling multiple questions at once, because the goal is simple.

“When someone calls, it’s all about them,” says Joni.

Surprising numbers

What is most surprising is how efficient the team is in helping all 24,000 Fairview employees statewide.

The ESC—a team of only five—handles nearly 200 phone calls and 200 emails each and every day. There are busier times, too. Today, during open enrollment, volumes are twice that amount.

“It’s very busy, every day,” says ESC representative Pam Engbloom. “Our goal is to get on the calls as fast as we can, so that people aren’t waiting, and to serve everyone the best we can.”

The joy in serving

Though the volumes could be overwhelming, the ESC team thrives in their roles. Joni and Pam, who have both been Fairview employees for more than 30 years and were hospital volunteers before starting their careers, both name customer satisfaction as a driving force in their work.

“I really enjoy the customer service,” says Pam. “I love helping people, and being able to resolve someone’s issue and see how appreciative they are makes me feel good.”

“One day, a manager I helped came up to our office and said, ‘I’ve just had the best customer service that I’ve ever had!’” says Joni. “It was awesome to get a compliment like that.”

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