Helping Patients Cope In New Ways

Caregivers on the home care and hospice team are adding additional resources to their tool boxes as they help patients cope with anxiety, nausea and pain. Since 2013, the home care and hospice team has been expanding their use of integrative healing therapy tools like aromatherapy, acupressure, healing touch and Reiki. Today, more than 500 caregivers have received training in the expanded techniques. Their work is funded in large part by donations to Fairview Foundation.

“We are better supporting patients at extremely difficult times in their life,” explains Sandra McGurran, Fairview care management and integrative healing therapies coordinator.

“Through the use of aromatherapy and other integrative healing therapies, we are able to offer our patients symptom support and decrease anxiety, nausea and pain.”

The results speak for themselves. An ongoing study of approximately 60 home care and hospice patients found that the introduction of essential oil blend inhalation in treatment, resulted in a 95-percent decrease in patient anxiety, a 100-percent decrease in patient nausea and a 98-percent decrease in patient pain.

Plans are underway to expand the use of integrative healing therapy tools in 2016 and beyond.

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