Fairview Association Expands Relationship With Diverse Faith Communities

Since 1906, when Fairview was first founded by a group of Minneapolis Lutherans, Fairview Health Services has worked with faith communities to drive a healthier future for the communities we serve.

Last week, Fairview leaders met with the Fairview Association—a group of 78 Lutheran congregations who provide counsel and serve as partners in community care. This year’s annual gathering and celebration of Fairview’s rich tradition of working with faith partners included an exciting evolution in our relationship with faith communities.

Partnering to heal

At its annual meeting, held Tuesday, May 17, Fairview Association affirmed a new charter, changing its name and scope. The Association will now be known as the Interfaith Health Collaborative. This exciting initiative will extend membership to the Fairview Association beyond solely Lutheran congregations to welcome and include diverse faith communities and other mission-aligned, community-based organizations.

“Through the Collaborative, the resources and expertise of the region’s premier, full-continuum health system are brought together with faith communities and other organizations who share a common mission to health and a common commitment to community health, service and outreach,” said Pastor Meta Carlson, Fairview Association member.

Advancing a shared mission

Moving forward, the Interfaith Health Collaborative will partner with Fairview community health leaders to develop programming, services and educational resources. In turn, Fairview community health resources and expertise will continue to be extended to member organizations in the form of faith community nursing program support, immunization programs, mental health first aid training, clergy coaching, ministerial health, end-of-life programming and more.

“This is a historic day,” Dave Murphy, Fairview board chair and interim CEO told attendees. “Today, we move forward as partners and leaders in the integration of faith, health and wholeness.”

For more information about the Fairview Association and the Interfaith Health Collaborative, contact Ann Ellison, Fairview community health director.

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