Why Nursing Certification? Ask A Nurse

Many of our nurses have gone the extra mile for our patients by becoming certified—a voluntary, rigorous learning process to show proficiency in a nursing specialty.

Why do they do it? In celebration of Certified Nurses Day on March 19, we asked Tammy Cibula, RN, BSN, CCRN, Patient Care Supervisor at Fairview Ridges Hospital to share how certification has enhanced her nursing skills and ability to care for patients.

On this day—and every day—we recognize and celebrate nurses who have gone above and beyond for themselves and their patients.

Why did you choose to become certified?        

I chose to become certified as a way to feel more connected with my professional role. I also wanted to prove to myself that I did have the knowledge to pass the test  and gain the respect of peers, leaders and providers.

How has certification improved your ability to deliver better patient care?       

Certification has always reminded me never to be stagnant in my learning. Learning never stops and being part of the American Nurses Credentialing Center organization encourages you to always reach out and learn through journals or conferences. Because I am always reading, I feel that I was able to provide valuable input in nursing protocol development and share best practice ideas with my peers and leaders.

Why is nursing certification valuable to you?    

The value in certification is through respect for yourself and from others such as peers, leaders, and providers.

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