Living Well With Diabetes Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

What if you had an extra $8,000 to your name each year? Imagine the possibilities this extra money might offer—adding to your savings account, investing in home improvements, traveling with family or friends.

If you have diabetes and live in Minnesota, $8,000 is the average cost for diabetes medical expenses per person each year (adding up to a staggering $3.4 billion a year for all Minnesotans with diabetes). With the ongoing cost of diabetes monitoring supplies, medications and medical visits, diabetes treatment gets expensive. And that doesn’t include the potential added costs of eating healthfully, having a safe place to exercise and purchasing other important self-care items, like shoes that fit well to prevent potential diabetes-related foot problems.

Yet, there are many ways to lower the cost of your diabetes care. Did you know Fairview Health Services offers a “Diabetes on a Budget” class that provides practical tips and valuable resources you can take home and put into practice right away? We’ll share ways to lower the cost of your medication and blood sugar monitoring supplies, as well as useful tips for eating healthfully while sticking to your budget.

Here are a couple tips to get you started:

  • Grocery shop after eating a meal! When you shop hungry, you’ll likely end up splurging on less healthy food choices that aren’t on your grocery list. If your stomach is full, you’ll be less likely to pick up extra items that will run up your grocery bill.
  • Avoid buying foods that are labeled as “diabetic” or “dietetic.” These foods are often much more pricey and do not necessarily offer any nutritional benefit over other healthy foods at lower prices. You can eat healthy and manage diabetes well by choosing healthy foods that cost less.

In “Diabetes on a Budget,” you will learn how to plan healthy, delicious, budget-friendly meals from which you can create a grocery list that saves you money. You’ll also learn which foods and food groups are the least expensive and give you the most nutrition value for your money, as well as get ideas for how to use leftovers, so you can throw less food (and money) away.

To learn more and give your wallet a break, we invite you to attend “Diabetes on a Budget.” The cost for this 90-minute information-packed session is only $5. Anyone interested (including family members of those with diabetes) is welcome to register, and no referral is needed. Call 612-672-6700 for more information and to register. You’ll be glad you did.

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