Gifts In Action: Heart Of The Healer Fund

One woman’s gifts bring healing to doctors and nurses

As a patient, it’s easy to tell when your doctor or nurse loves what they do—and when they don’t. The difference between the two is why Loie Lenarz, MD, Fairview medical director of clinician professional development, works to help caregivers renew their sense of calling, and why she donates to Fairview Foundation.

Caring for coworkers

“I give to Fairview Foundation because I love the people in this organization,” Dr. Lenarz says. “I have a deep respect for what is asked of, say, an oncology nurse as she takes care of someone who’s dying and cares for their families. I feel strongly about supporting them to be able to do their work in a way that sustains them, rather than depletes them.”

Formerly Fairview’s chief clinical officer, Dr. Lenarz  began the Heart of the Healer retreats six years ago to help caregivers stay passionately and purposefully engaged in their work. She donates to support the retreat because she sees the profound impact it has on attendees.

“People tell us that the retreats saved their careers,” Dr. Lenarz  says. “They tell us how they were ready to quit, but now they can remember why they went into medicine, and they love their work again.”

Generous giving makes it possible

Donations like Dr. Lenarz’s help make the retreats affordable for all who wish to attend, and nearly 400 people have benefited from the retreat and related workshops to date. It all adds up to a level of investment in employee wellness unlike any Dr. Lenarz  has seen.

“I work with over 250 retreat facilitators around the world,” Loie says, “and there’s only one place where this has been supported within an organization, and that’s at Fairview.”

The Heart of the Healer Fund is just one of the more than 150 individual funds to which you can choose to direct your donation. Learn more about the impact you can make possible as a donor.

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