Longer And Healthier Lives Start Right Here

Guest post by Carolyn Jacobson, Chief Human Resources Officer

Heart disease. Diabetes. Stress and anxiety. The very conditions that we at Fairview work to prevent in our patients can just as easily affect us if we don’t pay attention to our own health and well-being.

That’s why, at Fairview, we are committed to offering comprehensive well-being programs and resources to our employees and building a strong culture around wellness and health.

Our approach to well-being includes six pillars: career; social; community; financial; physical and emotional; and spiritual. We take a holistic approach because we recognize people’s well-being is the sum of all these things, not just what happens in a doctor’s office. Total well-being isn’t only about eating well or having the highest step count each day. It’s much more.

For example, we provide ongoing one-on-one guidance with retirement counselors for our employees to help them successfully prepare for their financial future. We enhance career well-being by providing various resources to help pay for continuing and advanced education. We also offer Heart of the Healer retreats for providers and caretakers to help them reconnect with the spirit and purpose behind why they originally went into medicine.

We recently launched an interactive well-being program called ‘Well at Work’ that uses a digital platform to help employees track healthy behaviors, meet well-being goals and earn fun rewards for participating. I’m proud to say we’ve have had almost 1,400 participants in the first two months, including me!

By offering resources that promote well-being, we ‘walk the talk’ and make a big impact on our employees’ personal and professional lives. And, it helps us lay a strong foundation to deliver on our mission—to heal, discover and educate for longer and healthier lives.

At Fairview we support our employees’ total well-being with a comprehensive package of programs and benefits. Explore Fairview Careers at jobs.fairview.org.

Carolyn Jacobson 120_175Carolyn Jacobson, chief human resources officer at Fairview, is responsible for all aspects of human resources, including talent recruitment and performance management, compensation and benefits, employee and labor relations, training and development and human resources administration. She also serves as vice president of Human Resources Shared Services.

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