More restful nights for Burnsville patients

Waking up tired, daytime sleepiness and loud snoring are more than just minor nuisances—they can be signs of a serious sleep disorder. Fortunately, Burnsville-area residents will now have greater access to sleep disorder treatment, thanks to the opening of the new Fairview Sleep Centers location on the Fairview Ridges Hospital campus.

The importance of sleep

The sleep center, which opened on Jan. 21 in the Fairview Ridges Specialty Care Center, offers industry-leading treatment for disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, snoring and sleep-walking. Research shows that these disorders can significantly interfere with good health. Problems such as weight gain, diabetes, mood disturbances and higher mortality rates have all been linked to not getting quality sleep.

“In simple terms, our brain will not work well without sleep, and our body needs the restoration that sleep provides,” said Conrad Iber, MD, medical director of the Fairview Sleep Program. “Our happiness, safety, critical thinking and physical health all depend on a regular, uninterrupted and adequate daily dose of sleep.”

In-home and virtual care

Fairview Sleep Centers provide innovative home sleep studies, allowing qualifying patients to sleep in the comfort of their own homes using equipment no larger than a deck of cards. The studies measure breathing patterns, heart rate, abdomen position, oxygen saturation, snoring and other factors to determine if a patient has a sleep disorder and, if so, how it should be treated.

The center also offers virtual care coordination. For certain sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, patients are prescribed sleep therapy equipment with built-in modems that transmit data directly into their Fairview medical records. The combination of home studies and virtual care coordination mean fewer required clinic visits, greater convenience and lower costs for patients.

To find out if a home study is a good option for you, make an appointment or log on to OnCare to have a sleep apnea evaluation.

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